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Owner driver members can take an active role by joining our TWU NSW Owner Driver Industry Group.

This year we are stepping up our campaign fighting across all sectors and industries, for better standards in transport. Whether it’s at the airport, on the highways, in the cities or in the regions, we aim to bring our fight for fairer, safer jobs, right to the doorsteps of the clients and governments at the top of the supply chains.

Things must change.

Wealthy companies at the top of supply chains are making big profits by cutting costs in transport. This means jobs are being downgraded. Job insecurity is on the rise and wage theft is rampant. People are still dying at work.

We have a plan to turn this around. It involves transport workers from every sector of the industry coming together to fight as one.

Transport enterprise agreements have been on hold and will this year be negotiated. These agreements cover thousands of transport workers on the roads, in aviation and in distribution.

Without transport workers, Australia stops. We have to use our power and work together across all parts of transport. One by one, we will strategically take on key clients and sectors to bring them to the table to lift standards in their supply chains.

Be part of the fight.

We want each site across the country to become involved. We want volunteers to join sector committees and have a say in what the claim for union pay and conditions looks like in your sector. We want change, so let’s make it happen.

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