February 14, 2024


The Transport Workers Union (TWU) is celebrating another win as an application to the Industrial Relations Commission has resulted in increases in rates for the Transport Industry – General Carriers Contract Determination, as high as 5 percent for some. This marks a significant milestone in the ongoing efforts to ensure fair pay and conditions for owner-drivers across the state.

The GCCD serves as a vital framework which outlines minimum terms and conditions for owner drivers who operate independently, owning a single vehicle and contracting their services to principal contractors.

Under the revised determination – effective 12 February – owner-drivers of medium to heavy vehicles of 3 tonnes or higher will benefit from enhanced rates that not only reflect the true value of their work but also enable them to sustain their businesses and livelihoods effectively. This comes in addition to an around 10 percent rates increase to lower carrying capacity vehicles which came into effect 1 July 2023, with further significant increases due the same date this year.

The TWU recognizes the crucial role played by owner drivers in the transport industry and acknowledges the importance of providing them with adequate remuneration and support.

Richard Olsen, the Secretary of the TWU NSW branch, says the increase represents a victory for owner drivers.

“These adjustments provide fair pay and essential conditions for drivers, empowering them to maintain their vehicles, sustain their businesses, and secure a decent wage for themselves. This increase comes as a much-needed relief, alleviating the financial strain that many owner drivers have been facing. It signifies a step in the right direction towards ensuring a sustainable and equitable transport industry.”

The TWU remains committed to advocating for the rights and welfare of all transport workers, including owner drivers, and will continue to work tirelessly to ensure that their voices are heard and their needs are addressed.

By championing initiatives such as the GCCD and advocating for fair compensation, the TWU strives to create a more equitable and sustainable future for all those employed in the transport industry.

Please contact your delegate, TWU Official or the TWU office to obtain advice on the new applicable rates.

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