February 9, 2024


The Transport Workers Union of New South Wales condemns Transurban’s unabashed pursuit of profit at the expense of the welfare of owner-drivers in the trucking industry as the company’s net profit surge – soaring to $230 million in the six months leading up to December 31.

Coupled with its relentless toll increases every quarter, the TWU underscores Transurban’s callous disregard for the financial strain and hardships endured by drivers, with TWU NSW Branch Secretary Richard Olsen saying Transurban’s gains come as exploitative and to the detriment of the trucking industry.

“Transurban’s greed knows no bounds, as evidenced by its relentless toll increases that heap further financial burdens on already struggling owner-drivers. While Transurban executives revel in their record-breaking profits, drivers are left to bear the brunt of escalating toll costs that chip away at their meager earnings.”

“The company’s decision to continually hike toll costs without consideration for the financial well-being of drivers demonstrates a blatant disregard for their indispensable contributions to the transport industry.”

Olsen highlights the concerning reality that Sydney has the most tolled motorway network in the world, exacerbating the financial burden on drivers.

“This only adds to the plight of owner-drivers who are already struggling to make ends meet amid a cost-of-living crisis. Transurban’s profit-driven agenda only serves to exacerbate this financial strain, leaving drivers to bear the brunt of exorbitant toll costs.”

TWU NSW also expresses dismay over comments made by Transurban’s new boss, Michelle Jablko, who is signaling a focus on productivity and efficiency without regard for the hardships faced by drivers.

“”It is deeply concerning Michelle Jablko appears to prioritize corporate productivity over the welfare of owner-drivers. Her focus on efficiency at the expense of driver livelihoods underscores the disconnect between corporate interests and the realities faced by those on the frontline of the transport industry.”

The TWU reaffirms its unwavering commitment to advocating for the rights and welfare of owner-drivers and calls for Transurban to be held accountable for its exploitative practices to ensure fair compensation and working conditions for drivers who are the lifeblood of the transport industry.

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