About Us

We are the men and women who keep New South Wales moving.

From humble beginnings on July 24th 1888 as the Sydney Trolley and Draymen’s Union, TWU NSW has grown to represent more than 30,000 members working every day in trucking, public transport and taxis, at our airports, on the waterfronts, in the waste and cash-in-transit industries, in distribution centres and associated workplaces.

Across the industry, transport workers understand the power of standing together to achieve real change at their workplace and in their communities. Our members play a vital role in the fight for a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work for all transport workers.

Together, we fight to secure the best pay, conditions and safety standards for transport workers, and to keep our families and communities safe while on the move in Australia.

Who We Represent

TWU NSW is committed to providing and building a union that is fair and diverse. We are proud to champion diversity and equal opportunity in the transport industry, and we welcome members of all genders, cultures, ages, and levels of experience.

We represent employees, contractors and owner-operators in NSW in the following industries:

Road Transport

  • Waste
  • Oil, fuel and gas
  • Mining
  • Retail
  • Logistics
  • Buses
  • Ports and Wharves
  • Construction, tippers and concrete
  • Cash-in-Transit
  • Couriers
  • On-demand


  • Ground handling
  • Refueling
  • Catering
  • Cabin crew
  • Aviation security
  • Customer service

TWU Women

The number of women in the transport industry is increasing every year, and we are proud to be the union that represents all transport workers. Together, we are fighting for protection from harassment and violence on the job, a stronger voice for women in our industry, and paid domestic violence leave for all transport workers. TWU NSW is a proud financial supporter of Women in Male-Dominated Occupations and Industries (WIMDOI).

Retired Members

The 1888 Club is an active group of TWU veterans; members who have retired from their jobs in the transport industry but haven’t retired from the fight. Since 2005, our veterans have been fighting for the rights of transport workers and their families by adding power to union campaigns and fighting to maintain the Australian living standards that generations of unions members fought to achieve.

We are proud to have them with us, still standing on picket lines, still lending a hand at protests, and still marching in rallies in support of TWU members and their families. The 1888 Club meets on a bi-monthly basis where they plan their involvement in upcoming campaigns and hear campaign updates from union leadership.

If you are a retired member, you can join the 1888 Club by calling our Members’ Service Centre on 1800 729 909.


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