Education and Training

The Transport Workers’ Union of NSW is committed to providing professional and quality education and training.

We’re a worker-focused organisation, and we take pride in delivering quality training. It is vital to us that we can provide a safe, inclusive, relaxed and fun learning environment for all participants.

Our policies and procedures ensure that we operate as a quality training provider. The TWU NSW is a SafeWork NSW and Comcare approved training provider, and we use an approved TWU Educator to deliver all HSR courses.

What kind of training is on offer?

Our two main training offerings are for Health and Safety Representative (HSR) Training, and Delegates Training.

Health and Safety Representative (HSR) Training

As a SafeWork NSW and Comcare-approved WHS HSR training provider, we provide HSRs with an initial five-day HSR training course and one-day refresher courses thereafter. The training we offer is carefully industry-focused, and the conversations, activities and handouts are based on the specific safety needs of different sites across the transport industry. Whether you’re beneath the wing in our airports, pulling out onto the highway from a distribution centre, moving containers from the ports, keeping the streets of your community free from waste or if you are a bus driver bringing commuters to their destinations, the training you receive will be catered specifically to you. Learn more about TWU NSW HSR Training.

Delegates Training

Delegate training is vital to ensure delegates have the skills and knowledge to allow them to be effective for their fellow members who they represent in the work place.

Members in your workplace will look to you for help and assistance, and often leadership on particular issues, as delegates are involved in all aspects of workplace change and reform. This means that you need to know your rights, how far you can push an issue, how to hold the boss accountable, and where to get support and help when you need it. Learn more about TWU NSW Delegates Training.

Who will I be training with?

All training courses are run by our Assistant Secretary and Director of WHS and Education, Marija Marsic.

Marija is a highly qualified and skilled trainer, and works carefully to identify the different learning styles and personalities of everyone she trains, to ensure everyone has the best possible learning experience.

Marija is a Director on the Board of Directors for the Workers’ Health Centre and Industrial Health and Research Foundation. She also sits on various boards relating to health, safety and workers’ compensation with the Labor Council of NSW and the Australian Council of Trade Unions. Marija is a contributor to government submissions, and creates and edits safety-related materials for these organisations, as well as providing guidance, assistance and advice. Marija is also engaged by Unions NSW and other trade unions to facilitate their own staff training.

For more information on TWU NSW training and education, contact our Members’ Service Centre on 1800 729 909.

In five days of training I learned a lot about holding management accountable. I was confident enough to successfully deal with safety issues that arose within a month of training.

Theo, Aviation

The information in TWU NSW training made the legislation easy to comprehend. I was provided a learning environment that accommodated me and how I learn.

Jimmy, Road Transport

Training with TWU NSW means I know I have the full support of the union and the backing of them for the fight about future issues.

James, Aviation

I become an HSR because workers were getting a raw deal and something needed to be done. The training I received from TWU NSW has provided me the knowledge I need.

Jim, Bus Industry


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