February 12, 2019


Drivers and school students subject to overheated buses without air conditioning

As the temperatures climbed today it has become clear that Bus Companies and the NSW Government need to pay more attention to the workplaces of NSW Bus Drivers.

One Bus Driver in the south of Sydney has at 4pm today recorded temperatures up to 53 degrees inside his bus.

The Temperatures in his bus had continued to climb as the heat of today escalated. The bus is not fitted with Air Conditioning.

The same driver recorded a temperature of 50 degrees in his bus, being used to pick up high school students in Southern Sydney.

Richard Olsen, State Secretary of the Transport Workers’ Union of NSW said: “the impact on drivers and the danger to them and members of the travelling public is immense.”

The Workers Health Centre advise that “working in high temperatures will induce heat stress when more heat is absorbed into the body than can be dissipated out.”

Richard Olsen said: “Many Drivers are forced to endure working in non-airconditioned buses in heatwaves across Sydney. This problem is made worse with many drivers also reporting to the union that they are forced to drink less water due to inadequate provision of toilet facilities at interchanges and the lack of breaks available to them.”

“This is a problem that is common across many bus companies in NSW.”

The TWU understands that many non air-conditioned buses are used on school routes.

“The duty of care for Bus Companies and Minister Constance is clear on this issue, yet the duty of care seems to be ignored”, Richard Olsen said.

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