July 30, 2019

A safer day for transport workers at Interline

Safety in the workplace is crucial with over 40% of all workplace deaths in Australia coming from the transport sector.

The TWU is working to get this down to zero, enabling safer workplaces and empowering our members to speak up and take action when things aren’t right.

Our members have access to TWU HSR training, which puts the power in their hands to stop unsafe work practices supported by the law. 

The training that the TWU provides for all HSRs teaches them how to use this power in their yards.  

A boss has responsibilities to ensure that legal obligations are met when it comes to safety. This means too that they are responsible for meeting the costs of training HSRs. 

When a boss like Joe Oliveri of Interline Bus Services wants to take on the TWU and avoids accepting those responsibilities, it can end up being a bad morning for him.

TWU members at the Interline yard stood up to ensure that they could have TWU trained HSRs in their yard. In response, Joe lawyered up. Joe’s lawyer hopefully explained the facts of life to him – SafeWork NSW certainly did. 

Faced with opposition from Joe, the workers at Interline refused to be intimidated and involved the TWU for their support. 

As a result, SafeWork NSW sent out an Inspector who issued Joe with notices that told him he had to comply, ensuring that HSRs in the Interline yard could choose where they wanted to be trained and reminding Joe that legally he had to pay for it. 

In the long run, it is to Joe’s advantage that there is now a safer yard at Interline, with an HSR looking out for the safety of all the workers on the job.

TWU training programs for HSRs are the best in the industry, and are developed to be relevant to you and your particular job in the transport industry – whether you’re on a bus, beneath the wing in our airports, pulling out onto the highway from a distribution centre, moving containers from the ports or keeping the streets of your community free from waste. Whichever part of the industry you work in, the training you receive will cater to you.

Everyday, TWU-trained HSRs are raising the right conversations with bosses, managers and co-workers, equipped with the knowledge and support to ensure their yards are safe. Together we can build a safer transport industry. It’s people like you who will help us get there.

Pictured: Interline HSRs Paul Date (Macquarie Fields) and Jason Armstrong (Leppington)


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