October 24, 2019

The NSW Government is about to privatise your job.

Now is the time to join the TWU. The TWU is the only union that has years of experience in the private bus industry in NSW.

JOIN the union that is on record as the most experienced union for bus drivers across NSW. 

The TWU has the experience that has supported members in the private industry:

  • Six TWU Organisers specifically for the bus industry in NSW.
  • Over 40 trained and experienced Delegates and Health & Safety Reps in the bus industry ready to support you.
  • Bus drivers’ wages are increased above the State Government minimum.
  • Industry standard working conditions are lifted across NSW.
  • Job security has been maintained.

The TWU is already fighting for you – we are already in contact with the Minister for Transport to ensure your job security and protection of your conditions and entitlements.

The Transport Workers Union represents thousands of private sector bus drivers. 

Don’t take the risk with your job security!

Join the TWU – the experienced union in the private bus industry.

TO JOIN GO TO twunsw.org.au/join



Join the fight. Join your union.

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