July 3, 2019

The TWU Solves a Linfox Armadrama

The TWU Solves a Linfox Armadrama – Senior TWU Delegate Noel Blue returns to work today at Armaguard after the TWU successfully fought against his unfair dismissal.

Noel was one of four members sacked in a month of Armadrama. All four members have been successfully reinstated with the assistance of the TWU.

Linfox Armaguard managers should hang their heads in shame, because in Noel’s unfair dismissal hearing, the Fair Work Commission found … “simply no evidence that any of the conduct of the applicant (our member) caused any such risk … there was never an imminent risk to the health and safety of the road crew on the day in question’.

The Fair Work Commission, publicly states that Linfox Armaguard were “Very Disappointing”. The TWU wholeheartedly agrees with the independent umpire’s view. Welcome Back Noel!


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