June 25, 2019

Even more ARMADRAMA.
The saga continues!

To succeed in business, you would think that the first thing you would want to get right would be the management of your own people. The TWU is in the business of supporting our members when managers make a mess of this, like they did at Linfox Armadrama (Linfox Armaguard).

25 June 2019

When you work for Linfox Armadrama, the company promises that you will be helped to “reach your full potential”. Linfox Armardama tell the world that they are “fully committed to our staff”.

Do Linfox Armadrama also take pride in their full commitment to the hatchet job they have run on TWU members who work for them?

This is the third in our series of unfair dismissals run by Linfox Armadrama against TWU members who carry the Armaguard business every day.

Linfox Armadrama unfairly sacked four people over a three month period using minor reasons.

Member number three is 43 years of age, and was sacked after 21 years of unblemished service to the company in their Wollongong depot.

Armadrama was caused by managers at the depot who sacked our member for wearing black leather sneakers instead of company issued boots whilst working on the truck. The Enterprise Agreement only requires as a minimum for our member to wear black leather sneakers.

On behalf of our members – The TWU Legal Team prepared this case for the Fair Work Commission. When presented with the case, before it even got to court, Linfox Armadrama folded, withdrew the sacking and reinstated our member to his job.

Linfox Armadrama claimed that when they unfairly terminated our member they had lost all trust in him and couldn’t possibly work with him in the future. However, since his reinstatement, management have asked him to join a drivers’ committee and become a company trainer!

What an Armadrama!

This third unfair sacking by Linfox Armadrama shows a strong level of incompetence and adds to the level of disappointment TWU members feel toward the company.

And yes, there is more Armadrama to come – stay tuned.


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