June 18, 2019

More Armadrama!

There is yet more Linfox “ArmaDrama” we can talk about. This time the ArmaDrama takes place at an ArmaDrama (Linfox Armaguard) Depot in Wollongong.

18 June 2019

I recently shared the ArmaDrama around the sacking of the TWU Senior Delegate at the Linfox Armaguard Camellia Yard. At the time of publication, he has proudly returned to work following the TWU winning through the Fair Work Commission, which saw our Senior Delegate reinstated to his job, with full back pay.

In the Wollongong Depot, Linfox “ArmaDrama” decided to sack a TWU member who had 33 years’ service to the company. He was terminated because, amongst other things, he did not answer a company call on his personal phone during working hours.

Our member is 55 years old, had worked for Armaguard for 33 years and knew his job. He was also the TWU Delegate in the yard.

Armadrama campaign

“Armadrama” (Linfox Armaguard) also used the excuse that our member was late in servicing one of his clients. This despite the fact that: it is very unusual to have scheduled delivery times for safety reasons; and our member was on an overloaded run when he and his fellow road crew member simply overlooked the unusual request on their schedule.

Our member ended up in the firing line for this Linfox created “ArmaDrama” and was treated grossly unfairly. Our member and his fellow crew member did their best.

I note that these events were such a non-issue, that the company did not even discipline the other crew member on the truck.

Our TWU Delegate is now back at work in the Wollongong yard.

The TWU Legal Team prepared this case for the Fair Work Commission and advised ArmaDrama (Linfox Armaguard) who, seeing how much incompetency was reflected in this ArmaDrama of their own creation, withdrew the sacking and reinstated our Delegate.

This sacking by ArmaDrama (Linfox Armaguard) of our member was very disappointing.  

There is more, stay tuned, for more ArmaDrama in the coming weeks.


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