July 2, 2019


One of the shameful aspects of the transport industry is the lack of maintenance on heavy vehicles. The TWU knows this is putting drivers at risk across our state.

2 July 2019

Many workers, including those at Linfox Armadrama (Linfox Armaguard) are reporting maintenance issues yet many face risks because the job of making a vehicle fit for the road is not being done properly.

The result is that TWU members are being put at risk in their workplaces. In the case of Armaguard any vehicle not properly maintained means an unacceptable risk when a vehicle breaks down in a public place.

In one driver’s case, it even led to an Armadrama where he was sacked.

Our fourth member unfairly sacked by Linfox Armadrama is 53 years of age and has over 19 years of service to the company. He is also a TWU Co-Delegate at the Linfox Armadrama Wollongong Depot.

Our member was not driving the day the Armadrama occurred, he was the offsider in a truck with a faulty fuel gauge that was incorrectly reporting how much fuel was on board. Our members were servicing clients and subsequently put at risk, when the truck stopped because it ran out of fuel.

Deliveries were of course delayed and when they were back on the road our member and his team mate worked on for 13 hours into the darkness to try to catch up with as many services as possible.

Drivers had previously reported the broken fuel gauge to managers. Linfox Armadrama was well aware they had sent out a truck that was unrepaired and not fit for the road. There had been a number of attempts to fix the gauge.

Despite being aware that our member had not created this issue, Armaguard created Armadrama by sacking our member unfairly because the truck he was not even driving, ran out of fuel.

Linfox Armadrama reinstated our member at the eleventh hour, just before the court case was to be run by the TWU. It’s clear Linfox Armadrama knew their reasons for terminating our member were indefensible.

This is the fourth member that Linfox Armadrama unfairly sacked over a one month period. This is the fourth member that the TWU has successfully return to work at Armadrama.

A job is supposed to be secure, with managers making decisions that ensure workers are treated with dignity and respect.

Four workers sacked, four workers re-instated, maybe Linfox Armadrama HR team should better value those who work for the company, for our members are truly the dedicated professionals carrying the company.

Without transport workers, Australia stops.


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