June 12, 2023


A devastating bus crash occurred last night in the Hunter Valley region of NSW. The TWU expresses its deepest sympathies to all involved and particularly those and the families of those killed and injured in yesterday’s horrific crash. The TWU know that the roads must be made safer by fighting for reform.

TWU NSW/QLD State Secretary, Richard Olsen said:

“The community has been deeply affected by this horrifying and heart-wrenching incident, as families, friends, and neighbours grapple with the loss of their loved ones. Our thoughts at this time go to those impacted by the aftermath of this shocking incident.”

“We wish those injured all the best on their path to recovery and as they come to terms with this incident, and to the families of those killed, we are sending our thoughts during this extremely difficult time.”

“While there are a number of details which have not yet come to light, we do know that the immense impact of this shocking event will last within that community for a long time, and that it highlights the immense need for reform within the transport industry.”

“The importance of prioritizing the safety of drivers, passengers and the broader community is urgent, and this devastating incident underscores the critical need for increased safety measures on our roads. We must work collectively to prevent such accidents and safeguard the lives of our community members.”

“Transport is Australia’s deadliest industry. Just last month we saw at least two major bus crashes in Victoria, and just this year there have been over 100 people killed on Australian roads in truck crashes. These incidents will continue to occur until the deadly pressures placed on transport workers are improved. This is why the TWU will continue to fight for transport reform.”

“Later this year, Federal Parliament will be asked to vote on regulation to set enforceable standards in transport and we urge them to pass this reform without hesitation.”

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