March 24, 2019

Port Kembla Coal Terminal: A statement from Richard Olsen

Port Kembla Coal Terminal

A statement from Richard Olsen, State Secretary, Transport Workers’ Union of NSW

The Transport Workers’ Union of NSW (TWU) has voted today in support of a resolution by the South Coast Labour Council to stop transport operations into or out of the Port Kembla Coal Terminal (PKCT). The TWU is an active member of the South Coast Labour Council.

This morning a truck driver sustained serious injuries on the PKCT site and was assisted by a TWU member who initiated the emergency response to the accident.

I acknowledge and thank our member for his swift action and thank the emergency service crews for the work they did this morning to support a member of our industry.

Members of the TWU need to be satisfied that the PKCT site and the site’s operations are being conducted in such a way that ensures the ongoing safety of transport workers.

The resolution calls for transport operations to remain suspended pending the outcome of a complete and comprehensive safety audit of PKCT operations that will be conducted by workplace safety representatives at PKCT and representatives of the combined unions of Transport Workers.

We want to be assured that this workplace is safe for all Transport Workers who have to come onto the site.

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