February 23, 2024


More than 40 Transport Worker Union bus industry delegates have gathered in Sydney’s Mount Druitt to observe the seventh annual Bus Safety Week, with the union reiterating its demands for urgent action to enhance the work conditions of drivers.

The TWU stresses the critical need for drivers to have access to clean, suitable facilities and toilets for breaks and comprehensive training to navigate roads safely. Basic amenities such as these are non-negotiable necessities for their health and dignity.

Bus Safety Week serves as a poignant reminder that safety extends beyond passengers and road users; it encompasses the wellbeing of the thousands of drivers across the state who ensure our loved ones arrive home safely every day.

Yet inaction over the past decade under the previous Liberal government has left this sector starved, depriving workers of basic necessities and adequate training, exacerbating the risks they face daily on the roads.

TWU officials attended a government Bus Taskforce this week to discuss opportunities to improve drivers’ training including continuous professional development and how to maintain and build on the skills that exist within our bus network.

TWU NSW/QLD State Secretary Richard Olsen says anything less is a disservice to these essential workers and jeopardizes the safety and comfort of passengers and other road users.

“As Bus Safety Week unfolds, let us not merely pay lip service to safety but take decisive action to protect those who keep our communities moving.”

“Drivers require a system of continuous professional development to facilitate career advancement. Additionally, an industry group comprising Transport NSW, RTOs, employers, and workers must be established to ensure training remains relevant and up to standard.”

“This isn’t just about ticking boxes; it’s about keeping training relevant and up to standard.”

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