June 30, 2023


Effective July 1st 2023, Transurban will, once again, increase road tolls. Increases will be as high as 3.33%, following announcements of a $55 million half-year profit in February this year.

The Transport Workers’ Union (NSW) believes that the road tolls raised by Transurban as well as Westlink M7 and NorthConnex disregards the economic challenges faced by ordinary, working people, and demonstrates a concerning lack of empathy for the community.

The increase will also have a significant impact on the transport industry by increasing operating costs for companies who are already operating on razor-thin margins, and increasing the deadly pressures of the industry.

Tolls on NSW roads have increased by up to 6.74% in the last 12 months, and are set to continue to be adjusted on a quarterly basis.

Richard Olsen, TWU NSW/QLD State Secretary said:

“This unjustifiable move comes at a time when the community is already grappling with a cost of living crisis, further burdening hardworking individuals and families who rely on our roads for their daily commute and essential travel needs.”

“With stagnant wages, rising living expenses, and increasing inflation rates, the added financial strain of inflated toll costs will be acutely felt by the already stretched household budgets.”

“The impact of Transurban’s toll hike extends beyond individual motorists to the broader transport industry. Transport operators are already grappling with rising operational costs. The increased tolls will directly translate into higher expenses, ultimately impacting the prices of goods , and put pressure on transport workers to meet unrealistic deadlines.”

“The transport industry plays a vital role in connecting people, facilitating trade, and driving economic growth. By placing an undue financial burden on transport operators, Transurban risks stifling industry growth, hindering job creation, and impeding the efficient movement of goods and services across the region.”

“Just to use Transurban’s motorways, heavy vehicle drivers are looking at a potential $280.60 a week, and that’s only if they’re just using the M2.”

“We are calling for Transurban to provide further toll relief for everyday, working people, as well as across the transport industry, because we cannot afford to continue lining the deep pockets of a company who are already making excessive profit.”


Toll prices as of July 1, 2023:

MotorwayVehicle typeMaximum toll
Hills M2Passenger vehicles$9.35
Heavy vehicles$28.06
Lane Cove Tunnel-Military Road E-RampPassenger vehicles$3.90
Heavy vehicles$13.14
Eastern DistributorPassenger vehicles$9.19
Heavy vehicles$18.39
Cross City tunnelPassenger vehicles$6.71
Heavy vehicles$13.42
M5 South-WestPassenger vehicles$5.49
Heavy vehicles$16.46
NorthConnexPassenger vehicles$9.35
Heavy vehicles$28.06
Westlink M7Passenger vehicles$9.38
Heavy vehicles$28.53


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