February 26, 2021

The merger of Visa Global Logistics and Mondiale: Statement from Richard Olsen

Statement from Richard Olsen, NSW State Secretary, Transport Workers’ Union.

Executives at Visa Global Logistics have been less than open to their staff about the Visa Global Logistics and Mondiale merger.

Whilst Visa’s executives have had the merger process underway, Visa’s Sydney drivers, the people who drive their business, have been on strike at the front gates and the business has not been moving.

In March last year, Visa Global Logistics advised their Sydney drivers that they were cutting their pay rate, all the way down to the award rate.

No consultation, no warning.

Visa Global Logistics Workers told the TWU, that at the start of the pandemic Visa Global Logistics sent an email telling them the company has run into difficult times and needed to drop wages. Workers were given 48 hours’ notice of the change via the email.

Work load has not dropped, productivity remains the same, but workers are being paid less money for the same work. Visa claimed the company was in recession suggesting to drivers there was a decline in income that they could not afford and they have to make cuts.

Yet, in a Visa Global Logistics Media Release dated 26 February. Mr. Vittorio Tarchi, a Director and Shareholder of VISA Global Logistics, is quoted as saying “Each company has grown globally over the last 30 plus years …”.

I would ask Visa management to come clean as to their motivation behind the pay cuts.

Right now Visa Global Logistics are supposed to be in talks with workers on the building of an Enterprise Agreement. True to form, managers are again refusing to consult or properly negotiate with the people that keep their business moving.

It’s clear that the current executive of Visa have forgotten the value of their drivers to their business and are continuing their dictatorship style of approach to negotiations.

They continue to ignore the duty of care they have to their workers and their families.

We will continue to keep taking action until they come to the table.

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