March 27, 2023


On-demand delivery service, Menulog and the Transport Workers Union (TWU) today announced the signing of a Charter of Principles and Ongoing Commitments to Ensure Safety and Fairness for On-Demand Delivery Couriers (Charter).

The signing of the Charter is a significant step towards offering all on-demand couriers appropriate benefits and protections, combined with choice and flexibility, regardless of whether they are engaged as contractors or employees.

The principles for regulation include supporting the Federal Government to give the Fair Work Commission the capacity to set minimum, and transparent enforceable rights and standards for all on-demand delivery couriers who are not engaged as employees, while maintaining the level of flexibility and choice sought by these workers.

Importantly, Menulog and the TWU support Federal regulation that aims to better conditions for all on-demand delivery couriers, without losing sight of employment as providing the greatest security for ensuring fair standards for workers. The Charter includes an industry-first commitment to continuing good faith discussions to reach a consent position on sustainable conditions to offer couriers the option of employment.

Menulog and TWU look forward to further progressing these principles, based on learnings through Menulog’s employment program and both Menulog and TWU’s first hand engagement with couriers across the country.

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Morten Belling, Managing Director, Menulog ANZ stated that the principles of agreement come after considered consultation with the TWU alongside insights from Menulog’s bespoke employed courier program.

“We have long advocated for lifting conditions for all delivery workers in Australia and so we’re pleased to reach a new agreement with TWU that not only outlines principles to ensure safety and fairness for contracted couriers but also outlines a longer-term commitment to work towards a sustainable solution to employ couriers,” said Mr Belling.

“Having worked constructively with the TWU throughout our industry-leading employment program, we welcome this agreement, which is aligned with our ambition to ultimately offer couriers the choice of how they work with Menulog with appropriate benefits and protections, regardless of whether they are engaged as contracted couriers or employees.

“It is with this outcome in mind that we will continue exploring our dual approach of focusing on conditions for contracted couriers while also working towards a sustainable approach for employment.”

Michael Kaine, National Secretary of the TWU stated that the principles underlie the ongoing progress the industry is making towards appropriate standards for all workers.

“Two years ago, Menulog was first to heed the call of food delivery riders for rights and protections when it began trialling an employment model for some of its riders. Menulog recognised that flexibility and fairness go hand in hand, and this charter sets out an important framework for that truth to become reality for transport gig workers.

“This charter is the first of its kind which supports and builds on the commitment made by the Federal Government to give the Fair Work Commission scope to set standards for gig economy workers in transport.

“Menulog has joined an industry chorus calling for regulation to provide fair, safe and sustainable standards to improve the lives of gig workers while creating a level playing field for businesses. This is a powerful endorsement for Federal Parliament to pass this reform.”

Andrew has been working as an employed courier with Menulog and says he chose to join the platform to benefit from employment standards, however notes current barriers in the system when it comes to flexibility.

“We chose to work as couriers as this type of work fits our lifestyle. I am currently studying and so I need flexible work that can fit around my study schedule. However it is so important that all couriers are provided the same level of benefits and protections to help ensure we can continue to service so many restaurants, small businesses and people in the community.” said Andrew.


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