June 11, 2024


Bonza workers have received certainty but bad news today as Bonza’s administrators confirm terminations. Virgin Australia has committed to prioritising job opportunities for Bonza employees, and the TWU is ready to support workers with a Fair Entitlements Guarantee process.

Last week, the TWU, ASU and the whole union movement passed a motion on the need for a Safe and Secure Skies Commission to provide regulatory oversight, stability and binding standards for aviation.

An estimated 25,000 aviation workers left the industry during the pandemic, with another 300+ jobs lost today.

Although the termination frees up Bonza employees to seek alternative full-time employment without losing their owed entitlements, the Federal Government FEG scheme doesn’t kick in unless or until Bonza goes into liquidation.

TWU National Secretary Michael Kaine said this is another blow to Bonza workers and to the aviation industry.

“This is incredibly difficult news for Bonza employees who have received no pay for more than two months after the airline’s sudden collapse. It’s a dark day for regional communities across Australia which remain isolated through unaffordable or unavailable air travel to remain connected with the nation.

“Workers remain in limbo, with the Fair Entitlement Guarantee scheme not yet available to claim their owed entitlements. Today, they gained the freedom to pursue alternative full-time work, with Virgin Australia having previously committed to prioritising Bonza staff.

“It’s highly likely aviation will lose hundreds more skilled, experienced staff after being burnt so many times in this industry.

“Aviation has been decimated over recent years. The pandemic proved the industry unfit to withstand external shocks without workers, passengers and the Australian community paying a heavy price. Privatised airports and a powerful airline duopoly means profits, executive bonuses and share prices are protected and prioritised. We urgently need a Safe and Secure Skies Commission to repair and rebuild a strong, sustainable aviation industry,” he said.

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