March 27, 2022

Autocare Car Carriers
Truck Drivers Strike

The Delivery of motor vehicles to car dealerships across NSW and the ACT on Monday 28 March, will be delayed as Truck Drivers who operate Car Carrying vehicles are taking strike action.

Autocare Car Carriers – Truck Drivers Strike
Where: 34 Reddals Road, Kembla Grange NSW
When: Monday Morning 28 March 2022 – 630am 24 Hours Strike.

In June of 2020 the Enterprise Agreement in place at Autocare, a Division of Linx Cargo Care expired. That Enterprise Agreement sets out the pay and conditions for truck drivers, who move motor vehicles for car dealers and car manufacturers including Toyota across the state.

Transport workers who work for Autocare are angry because Autocare has refused to negotiate in good faith with workers who have been driving their business forward, even during the pandemic.

Richard Olsen, State Secretary said “Drivers are taking the action as part of the fight for fairer pay and conditions and improved safety across their industry. Drivers at Autocare are part of the most dangerous industry in Australia.”

“Too many truck drivers are pressured to drive too many hours and meet unrealistic deadlines. 14 Truck Drivers have needlessly died at work since the beginning of 2022.” Mr Olsen said.

Companies like Autocare must ensure that workers are working under a safe and fair enterprise agreement that acknowledges the hard and dangerous work they do across the state. Autocare is refusing to acknowledge the improved conditions sought on hours worked, meal allowances, pay for kilometres travelled and even the use of personal mobile phones.

Rob Pirc, TWU Wollongong and South Coast Sub-branch Secretary said “Autocare truck drivers are taking a stand against a company that chooses to ignore their Enterprise agreement needs, the ball is in the company’s court now, they can come and properly negotiate with workers.”

Autocare will not acknowledge the need to consult with their workforce and have refused all claims for a new Enterprise Agreement proposed by workers who feel that Autocare are deliberately stalling the renewal of a legally binding Enterprise Agreement that is now nearly two years late.

Cost of living increases and more mean that Autocare workers and their families are now behind others in their industry when it comes to relevant pay and conditions.

There have been 10 meetings with the company to date with worker’s issues falling on deaf ears.

The Transport Industry has available a workable blueprint sitting on the Prime Minister’s desk: a landmark Senate report from Senator Glenn Sterle’s transport inquiry recommending an independent body to create and enforce minimum standards in transport at companies like Autocare.

It’s time Scott Morrison implemented it.


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