January 6, 2020

TWU News.
Summer 2019.

Editorial by TWU NSW State Secretary Richard Olsen.

Getting ready for 2020

It is the end of a strong year for the TWU in NSW, my thanks and appreciation for the ongoing support you show your union. We are stronger for the work you do to support and build up members. 

We have stood tall against dodgy bosses and sought the dignity and respect that workers deserve through better pay and conditions. 

2019 has prepared us for TWU 2020 Campaign.

We held the line for jobs free from harassment when Linfox Armaguard created ArmaDrama by sacking four members in an unprecedented attack. Those members are now back at work with the support of the TWU legal team and officials. 

We have made real change through our crack down on wage theft, taking companies like Metromix to court to ensure members received their unpaid wages. We have negotiated on behalf of owner drivers that were significantly underpaid. 

We have ensured safer workplaces through development and training of members as Health and Safety Reps. They are taking up strong conversations with managers to ensure everyone gets home safely. 

We have continued the fight across NSW, taking a stand ensuring members are paid the same pay for the same job. We are continuing to focus on lifting owner driver rates right across the transport industry. The TWU has made applications for change with the General Carriers Contract Determination, we are looking to improve the earnings of car carriers and we have sought an upgrade for the Excavated Materials Contract Determination.

We have continued the fight across NSW, taking a stand ensuring members are paid the same pay for the same job. 

We take on the threats that transport workers face every day from those at the top who keep playing games with a broken industrial relations system. We will go into 2020 prepared to lift the standards for a safer and fairer transport industry.   

For the past five years the TWU has been working on its 2020 plan. Over 200 enterprise agreements impacting 38,000 workers across the transport industry have been aligned to expire in 2020. 

Our members will use the power of the agreements, to maximise negotiations. We have launched the most concerted push in our Union’s history to bolster members bargaining power and put safety and fairness at the heart of our industry. Workers will unite across the aviation and road transport industries. 

We are demanding safer and fairer industry rates for all workers, funded by the clients. We are joining the fight. What about you, what about your yard? 

As we come into Christmas and the festive season, I want to wish all our members and their families the very best for the future. We look forward to 2020 with you.

The TWU, it’s our union and our future. 



Join the fight. Join your union.

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