September 25, 2019

TWU News.
Spring 2019.

Editorial by TWU NSW State Secretary Richard Olsen.

A Safer and Fairer Transport IndustryYou will get us there

The Committee of Management ready for 2020
The Committee of Management ready for 2020

The hard work of members past and present means the TWU has a strong future. At our 2019 Delegates Conference we prepared for the 2020 fight to come. We are letting the industry know we want accountability at the top of the supply chain.

More casual workers are being employed, full time work is harder to find, a boss somewhere is attacking pay and conditions, wage theft is rampant. The need for a safer and fairer transport industry has never been more urgent. 

Conference Delegates have now endorsed a plan to fight back and reset the transport industry. They have taken a stand for the 2020 plan – Same Job: Same Pay: Same Fight. 

It’s the fight that we must have, because our industry is slipping in its standards. The pressure that this industry is placing on transport workers and their families is costing us dearly. 

So far 2019 has been a great year. We’ve built our membership and increased our presence in many yards. We will continue to unite workers right across the airport and road transport industries. 

We must make our voice loud, our fight strong and as union members must be the leaders to ensure a safer and fairer transport industry. 

We are launching the most concerted push in our Union’s history to strengthen our bargaining power and put safety and fairness at the heart of the transport industry. 

Over the past five years, right across Australia, 200 enterprise agreements have been aligned, to expire mid-next year. These agreements cover 38,000 workers. 

We can and we will lift industry wide standards for Transport Workers: 

  • We can improve safety and dramatically reduce the number of deaths.
  • We will fight for full-time, good quality jobs that allow workers to support their families.
  • We will demand safe rates of pay and conditions for every worker, every time. 

The top of the supply chain will be called upon to pay their fair share.

We are making a claim on companies. We will be demanding industry rates. We need better superannuation for all transport workers. Transport Workers need job security, that is secure, permanent and directly employed as well as site rates and cost recovery for owner drivers. We will demand workplace rights and consultation to ensure members have a strong voice. We will be demanding industry sustainability, a better future with fair legislation, a transport watchdog and contributions to an industry training fund. 

Over the next year, I look forward to a successful fight that will make things better for all Transport Workers across NSW, and around the Country. 

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We are stronger and wiser together, so let’s get to work. Together we can build a safer and fairer transport industry. 

It is you who will help us get there.



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