January 15, 2024

WHS: Holding workplaces to account On Safety

The WHS team fight to ensure that our members are safe at work every day, and make sure that workplaces are being held to account when it comes to safety.


A recent inspection by SafeWork NSW saw workers walking in areas where forklifts were in operation, and no area separating people and the forklifts was provided. After Aldi was asked and failed to provide a Traffic Management Plan, SafeWork issued an Improvement Notice enforcing the need for a plan to be implemented, and requested a copy of the document. 

They continued to inspect the workplace to ensure Aldi were complying with the Improvement Notices, and ensuring the safety of workers. On the third visit to the site, Aldi were given an on the spot fine of $3600 for failing to comply with the Improvement Notice within the given time frame. The next inspection resulted in again, another on the spot fine of $3600 for failing to comply with the Improvement Notice within the given time frame.

The TWU HSR also issued Provisional Improvement Notices (PINs) for failure to consult on the new Drug policy. Aldi agreed they did not consult, retracted the policy and have begun consultation. We are proud to stand with the HSR in this fight to make Aldi safer, and congratulate our members at the yard for their hard work.

Toll Minchinbury 

The HSR at Toll Minchinbury issued two PINs for the employer failing to provide a safe working environment and failing to provide adequate training. Workers were expected to unload pallets on a tailgate with a risk of falling from heights and receiving crush injuries by the pallets falling on them. 

The employer did not provide adequate risk assessments or control measures on the task to ensure the health and safety of workers. Since the PINs were issued, workers have not been required to unload pallets on a tailgate at height, which is a massive safety win. Congratulations for all your hard work!


Workers at Bevchain have been exposed to a range of safety issues regarding the unsafe practices around keg deliveries. These risks have included crush injuries and fall from heights onto hard surfaces and active roadways. 

Our HSRs have issued multiple PINs, which SafeWork NSW have upheld, upgrading the PINs to Improvement Notices. Workers have been expected to use removable side gates on a truck on an angle as a form of a ramp or step when unloading kegs, with the risk of workers falling onto hard surfaces and active roadways. 

SafeWork have deemed these work procedures unsafe and a serious risk to workers. The employer now must comply with the new Improvement Notices by eliminating the risks to workers. 


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