January 15, 2024


Following more than a decade of declining workplace standards, and a lack of basic respect for bus drivers, the TWU is calling for a serious reform of conditions for these essential workers across NSW.

Bus drivers provide an essential service to our community. With the aim of building a stronger, more sustainable transport industry, this campaign is integral to the rebuilding of the industry, and to solve the bus driver shortage which is critically impacting drivers at every yard.

We launched our campaign at Charles St in Parramatta, where the hundreds of bus drivers who come through daily are expected to share two port-a-loos (which are rarely cleaned, if at all).

Our drivers have come with us to Parliament, to meet with the new government, and share the decade-long neglect that the industry has faced. We shared our hopes to lift industry standards, and to make bus driving, once again, a career which people enjoy.

At our yards, we have taken up the fight to get an Opal card for all drivers on the Opal network. Our members stood strong, and signed our petition to get an industry-wide Opal. At our Delegates Conference, we were able to celebrate a massive win, with Minister for Transport, Jo Haylen’s announcement that we had won the Opal Card.

And we are continuing to push the fight into 2024.


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