December 20, 2022


There is a stark reality faced by bus drivers every day they are at work. There are some very serious safety problems across the industry. Unachievable timetables and inadequately resourced routes are putting drivers under an enormous pressure. Drivers do not believe they are getting adequate breaks nor are there adequate places for those breaks. 

Drivers link all this to Government tendering leading company pressure to meet unreasonable expectations that are ultimately lumped on them. Delegates from across the bus industry met at Minchinbury for the final time this year. The conversation they had is about safety and the fight for toilets and amenities where bus drivers work.

Solid Enterprise Agreements are now in place across the industry; our time is now to enforce safety at work for drivers. Bus drivers are an integral part of our communities, why is there still not enough toilets or amenities they can use? 

We will take this fight to the NSW Government, the economic employer in buses. Bring It On.

I have been in the bus industry for thirty years and I am angry we still do not have amenities or places for drivers to go to the toilet. They talk about wanting females in the industry, what a joke, the TWU has learned that one of the female members takes a bucket with her when she works.

Mick Pieri, Assistant
State Secretary

In a TWU Survey, drivers were asked what they were thinking about before they started work: 

What vehicle will I get as some are better than others. 
The length of time between toilet breaks (no time between runs). 
Afternoon run times very tight, always pushing to stay on time. 
Fare evaders and the many passengers without sufficient funds on their opal cards.


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