September 20, 2023


In a traditionally male-dominated industry, the women in the TWU are the trailblazers of change, breaking down barriers and paving the way for a more inclusive future. These remarkable women bring their unique perspectives and skills to the table.

Margaret Harvey

Margaret has been a TWU member for 18 years, and in those years, she has pushed to lift industry standards for her yard. Currently, a delegate at Team Global Express, as well as a member of the Branch Committee of Management, Margaret is working hard to ensure that all transport workers are being treated fairly, and that pay and conditions will not be undermined.

With an unwavering understanding of the benefits of union membership as well as the power of solidarity, Margaret is committed to ensuring all transport workers are treated fairly.

Margaret was nominated as one of two Delegates of the Year in 2023.

Marion Harris

Marion has been fighting as a member to improve the standards of the aviation industry for over six years. A delegate for Cabin Services Australia, Marion has never backed down from ensuring fairness is at the forefront at work, as well as ensuring that major corporations like Qantas don’t get away with stripping away basic conditions.

A strong advocate for the industry, Marion has stood strong alongside the TWU in the fight for reform, and is working everyday to ensure that her yard is strong, and that we are ready for our next fight.

Marion was nominated as one of two Delegates of the Year in 2023.


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