September 20, 2023

It pays to be union: Outstanding Legal wins

Members continue to win when backed by the TWU Legal and MSC Teams

Member appeals Reinstatement matter and wins

A member sacked for sleeping on the job will have another shot at getting his job back after a successful appeal to a previous ruling made in the Fair Work Commission.

Active Crane Hire’s logistics manager dismissed the truck driver/yard hand on the spot last April after finding him asleep in a truck parked at its depot on NSW’s Central Coast.

Following compensation, the TWU continued the fight, and now the initial ruling has been quashed and reinstatement is back on the table.

Reinstated to higher duties at Startrack

Having been stood down from higher duties, our member took up the fight against StarTrack.

He had been placed in an unsafe environment with a hostile manager and limited training, and was stood down after a short period of time.

The TWU took up the case in the Fair Work Commission, which resulted in his reinstatement, as well as key improvements to that working environment; training was enhanced and safety has now been prioritized.

Same job same pay win at CDC

Pay and conditions were on the line at CDC when they backflipped on job security and attempted to undermine the conditions of existing workers to favour a second workforce.

Our team were straight on to the case, and received orders from the Fair Work Commission to continue protecting pay, conditions and job security at that yard.

Continuing the fight at Cleanaway

Our team are continuing to fight at Cleanaway across NSW to ensure that pay and conditions will not be undermined.

There have been multiple cases put to the Fair Work Commission on both sides, as new sites continue to enter bargaining and have been taking Protected Industrial Action when necessary.


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