September 26, 2022


The TWU Canberra convoy is about life-saving reform. Last year the Senate made 10 recommendations to make transport safer, including establishing an independent body to set universal, binding standards. In 2016, the Coalition Government ripped down the road safety watch dog that was doing so much to reduce the pressure in this industry – since that day over 250 truck drivers have died at work. 

“The TWU Canberra Convoy was the transport industry coming together with one voice to tell politicians in Canberra of the crisis in our industry. Changes need to be made, the industry has a desperate need for reform. Our message to all parliamentarians is to get behind the lifesaving legislation that will make needed changes in the transport industry.”
Richard Olsen, State Secretary

“The TWU Canberra Convoy was one of five Convoys across Australia. Workers are standing up and saying enough is enough. We know only too well how deadly our industry is. We have decades of evidence, court decisions, coronial inquests, Government inquiries and they all tell us the same thing.”

Michael Kaine, National Secretary 

A standard-setting body would:

Set fair standards for all transport workers 
Hold clients to account to ensure fairer and safer contracts 
Ensure payments are made on time and owner drivers can recover costs
Ensure voices of all drivers and key industry bodies are heard
Level the playing field for safe, healthy competition and a sustainable industry


Richard Olsen and Minister Tony Burke at the TWU Delegates Conference

At the recent Federal Government Job Summit, thanks to relentless workers’ action and unity, Employment Minister Tony Burke announced his intention to empower the Fair Work Commission to set enforceable standards for all transport workers, to enable a safer, more sustainable, and viable industry.

Enforceable standards for all transport workers will level the playing field.

There is still a way to go to get this life-saving reform through Parliament. We need all industry participants to stand shoulder to shoulder and give the Federal Government the best opportunity to get this done.


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