September 26, 2022


Women are creating an impact in the transport industry. The first ever women’s panel at the TWU Delegates Conference heard from strong, active women in the TWU, including the first woman Assistant State Secretary and the TWU NSW Director of WHS and Education, Marija Marsic. 

Marija Marsic: Assistant State Secretary, Director of WHS and Education

“My advice to delegates – support the women that support you. Mentor us if we are new, take our advice if we are seasoned delegates, work with us. 

I am absolutely proud to be the first woman in the TWU 130 year history to have been elected as an Assistant State Secretary. This union ensures that the best people are picked for the jobs rather than focus on gender, age or ethnicity. Women in the TWU today should give it a go. Stand up, don’t be afraid. The women in our organisation will support you, the men will support you, your Union will support you. You have nothing to lose. 

Margaret Harvey: Delegate Global Express. Proud TWU member for over 30 years 

“I have not looked back since”. Margaret is also a serving member of the Branch Committee of Management. In the days when Ipec was the employer, Margaret was offered a job on the evening shift as a Coder, 2 women and 80 men on that shift. “We were subject to all types of harassment and discrimination, with very little management support. I told the TWU delegates my story, and their support meant that the harassment ceased that night. I realised what it was to be a part of a team that had a powerful voice in the workplace. It’s not easy standing up to employers, but I know that you can and will achieve this. 

Isabella Wisniewska: TWU Legal Officer

Isabella always had a goal to be an inhouse lawyer in a union. “The transport industry is a very heavily male dominated industry with members who have been around for a long time with a lot of industrial knowledge. As a newly graduated 24 year old I was nervous that I would be treated differently as a young woman, treated differently due to my age or perceived inexperience with in the industry. In the past two and a half years I have not had an experience where I have felt any less than my male counterparts. I work with strong females and trust my male counterparts. I feel valued and equal. The TWU has amazing women in a diverse range of roles, they have a diverse range of skills and responsibilities, including for the first time, a female Assistant State Secretary. I look forward to seeing how the TWU and the broader transport industry develops and continues to support women into the future. 

Marion Harris: Delegate Cabin Services Australia

I feel so proud to be a part of this wonderful organisation. To all the women out there who are becoming delegates or HSRs, please go back and tell your members we need more women in the TWU. 

Julia Putua: Delegate Cabin Services Australia

I am the delegate, Marion is a Co Delegate. I am not afraid in my role, because of the mentoring from the TWU Official. 

I am a HSR and a Delegate dealing with bullying and many managers. We have made a lot of changes with the support of the TWU. I have been a member for 6 years and I have seen a lot of changes. 

We have many women members, and I encourage them to tell our stories. 


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