September 26, 2022


The 2022 Delegates’ Conference saw Delegates from all industries join as one, sharing stories, learning more about their role and walking away inspired to ensure theirs is a stronger workplace in the industry fight. Delegates have told me they are taking back a wealth of knowledge to their yards with a new understanding of the power of union. 

In Transport, for the TWU, on the ground or in the air, our time is now. The time for real and meaningful solutions for our industry is now. The TWU continues to fight for change in the transport industry for the better.

Those in power in Government came to our conference and spoke of the need to support members in the important work that the TWU is doing with safe rates and safe skies campaigns. They understand the connection between safe rates of pay and safety in our industry.  

The TWU needs a guarantee that industry jobs will be there into the future, and that workers will be able to make a decent living. That’s why we need the Federal Government to create a fair system for all transport workers. We are stronger and wiser together, so let us get to work. Together we can build a safer and fairer transport industry. You will help us get there. Thank you for your contribution to our Delegates’ Conference.

Richard Olsen, State Secretary


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