September 19, 2021

Never backing down.

In the fight against unsafe practices and lowering of standards in your workplace, the Union is never backing down.

The Pandemic has seen large profits for major players, like FedEx. It’s you that is delivering that, in the most unsafe and busiest of times. TWU members have been on the frontline and delivering essentials. 

Our members are taking on companies negotiating new Enterprise Agreements. It’s clear there is disrespect shown to us from the major companies who are refusing to acknowledge the last twelve months, as if they never happened. They have consistently demonstrated they do not want to pay fair wages owed to you, and they have been dodging their responsibility.  

We are looking for industry standards across the board because of the unrealistic targets set on the supply chains by companies like Aldi in the retail sector. 

I’m immensely worried and feel personally disrespected when a company like FedEx doesn’t commit to paying the workers. Other majors, the likes of Toll, Linfox and Startrack have followed suit and are equally guilty in dodging their duty of care. Such callous disregard of members shows that the current trend of industry standards and safety at workplaces is on the decline. 

Everyone knows these are dire times due to COVID. The health and safety of drivers is at risk. It’s also risky for your families and co-workers. We have to be mindful of that. While the management are working from home, it’s the drivers out there that are literally driving business forward, then being disregarded and not heard is absolutely infuriating. 

I want to pass on my congratulations to everyone involved in the landmark decision that meant Qantas was told they were wrong, for sacking workers. These people were dismissed unfairly and the Union fought beside them to get them what they deserved. My personal congratulations to the union leadership involved in the work they do at our Airports. 

We want you to stay vigilant and help us prevent exploitation. Help us spread the word about the TWU message. It is about fairness, doing the same job, for the same pay. Talk to those you work with about why it is important to be part of the Union.         

Tony Matthews,
TWU President


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