September 20, 2021


Companies like Aramex are putting drivers at risk, doubling the amount of freight and not increasing the number of freight handlers to sort the freight and help manage the increasing load. 

Aramex won’t invest in the simple infrastructure that all courier companies have, to ensure the sorting and loading of freight is a reasonable and safe. 

There is extra work, and the risk has increased and the company has failed to address the growing demand in their business. 

The company is ripping the profits off workers, who have ended up working harder for less in an environment that means their safety, while loading, is at risk. 

The non-franchised areas of the company, are left vulnerable to losing clients, because Aramex hired ad-hoc couriers that were not provided a proper understanding of the Aramex model of business and the way the Aramex franchisees work. The company has no accountability system in place for these couriers and is not ensuring that the work is done in a way that drives the Aramex business forward.

Remuneration, job security and safety are the issues that the TWU are supporting the Aramex Franchisees in improving. 


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