September 20, 2021


Since 2020 and the start of the Pandemic, the TWU has continued the fight for safer yards, providing a powerful means by which workers’ voices are heard. 

Whether a casual, labour hire, owner-driver, full time or part time employee, the WHS act recognises all workers to be equal. The power of HSR training is supporting workers across a range of transport yards. 

Scott McGrath, Aldi 

“Prior to HSRs , very little was happening for the drivers and things were just swept under the carpet. 
Now there’s real progress, the morale is strengthened in yards, the management takes things more seriously.”  

Assad Manzoor, Deliveroo


“It’s been a really long struggle against Deliveroo. A process that should’ve taken two months, took more than a year. Deliveroo was against the HSRs training because of the power it gives the workers and the position it puts us in.” 

Theo Seremetidis, Qantas 

“I was the HSR Qantas tried to get rid of because I called them out on safety when COVID started. 
I’m working with the TWU closely on prosecuting Qantas. They breached the discrimination part of the Act.” 

Ray Childs, Holcim 

“We went through the process with our company, which was lengthy because they didn’t want to recognise we had any rights as HSRs or with training. But going through the legislation and the regulator and the advice that was given to us, the company had to come back to us saying they’ll do it our way.”


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