April 10, 2024

NATIONAL NEWS: Coming out on top

This year could not have begun stronger for our union. Across road transport and aviation, we have come out on top. We are growing in membership, and using our powerful voice to shift the dial for transport workers

In just three months, we have:

won lifesaving transport reform for road transport and the gig economy;

• had Qantas criminally convicted and fined $250,000 for breaching the Work Health and Safety Act;

• held a week of unprecedented Federal Court hearings to compensate illegally sacked Qantas workers; and

• taken steps to start the first ever multi-employer bargain in aviation.

On top of these significant moments, bargaining is kicking off at StarTrack, FedEx, Border Express, Centurian, Camerons, Qube, Lindsay, SCT, PFD and K&S, and continues for Virgin pilots. All the while, our core union business to improve the lives of transport workers is carried out by members and delegates on the ground across the country.


Congratulations to every single member for the enormous effort to convince politicians that passing transport reform will save lives, jobs and businesses.

In August, we will have our very own road transport stream of the Fair Work Commission to set enforceable minimum standards throughout supply chains and in the transport gig economy. This is a world-first system that will completely reshape our industry, hold wealthy clients and gig behemoths to account, and give power to transport workers.

The best part: TWU members who fought so hard

for this system are guaranteed a seat at the table to advise the expert panel of the Commission on standards. That is incredibly powerful, and exactly the right way to lift standards in transport.


Our success in aviation is multiplying, because we’re working hard together to build on the wins we’ve already achieved.

Strong agreements won by Menzies and Dnata workers in 2021 have led to talks on the first ever multi-employer bargaining round for aviation. An opportunity that gives workers more power to lift and protect pay, conditions and job security.

Virgin pilots continue to bargain from a stronger position, following solid agreements in ground and cabin crew last year that showed Virgin the TWU means business.

Workplace hero and HSR Theo Seremetidis and illegally outsourced workers who fought through years in the courts – and won every time – are now bringing Qantas to justice with a criminal conviction and unprecedented compensation hearings. Thank you to all members for relentlessly fighting for a better industry. Let’s keep it up.

National Secretary Michael Kaine


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