April 10, 2024

Making an impact

The TWU NSW Branch welcomes back our new Assistant State Secretary Nick McIntosh.

Over the past six years, our union’s profile and community standing have soared due to our successful campaigns. Whether it was our 2021 battle for job security in road transport, our landmark victory against Qantas in the High Court, our pivotal role in ensuring Virgin’s continued operations, or the recent passing of the Closing the Loopholes legislation, which centralises road transport matters in the Fair Work Commission, our impact has been significant.

Additionally, it’s been gratifying to contribute to key branch campaigns, such as securing the first job security arrangements for waste workers during the tendering of Local Council contracts nationwide.

Now is the time for unity as we endeavour to transform our industry and its various sectors. Our track record proves that collective action yields results. Thus, it’s imperative that we move beyond individual battles and champion our causes collectively, both within our sector and across the industry.

For the first time in over three decades, we have legal and governmental support behind us. As the most prominent and robust union in the country, we must seize this momentum.

I am thrilled to return to the branch, where I spent 12 years, and collaborate with officials, delegates, and members to capitalise on this unique opportunity. Together, let’s elevate standards and amplify the voices of transport workers.

Nick’s Union Career Highlights:

Legal Officer: Represented members in the Commission, ensuring Robbie Lankam received maximum compensation after being unfairly dismissed by Fed Ex.

Chief of Staff: Successfully preserved Chapter 6 when the newly elected O’Farrell Government attempted to abolish it.

South Coast Sub-Branch Secretary: Advocated for members’ rights from Wollongong to Wagga to Albury.

Assistant NSW Secretary: Secured guarantees from the Berejiklian Government for the jobs and conditions of waste workers on the Central Coast.

Assistant National Secretary: Spearheaded the passage of standard lifting and life-saving road transport legislation in Federal Parliament.


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