April 18, 2023


2023 has, so far, proven to be a big year for waste. Cleanaway has launched various attacks on the pay and conditions of workers. 


There have been numerous protected industrial actions across the board. Aside from actions across the country, Cleanaway Hillsdale, who work the City of Sydney contract, have taken four protected industrial actions. Erskine Park have also joined the fight, undertaking two industrial actions themselves. 

The action at Hillsdale emerged as a necessary measure in response to EA negotiations breaking down. Workers stood their ground in the early hours of the morning after Cleanaway rejected the majority of what they were asking for in a new agreement. One key factor is pay parity; workers at Hillsdale are subject to exhausting manual labour, and yet, they are paid significantly less than other Cleanaway yards. 

Additionally, Cleanaway were rejecting union recognition, a consultation clause in the agreement, and continued to maintain a hazy image of what job security was looking like for workers, among other things. 

TWU News has been in the thick of the action, and have spoken first hand to our Cleanaway members.

“We are sick and tired. Negotiations aren’t going anywhere.”

“It just makes no sense whatsoever. We are doing the same job… it is the same company. I don’t understand how they can’t give the same pay as other yards.”

Currently, the TWU is still in the process of bargaining with Cleanaway, and will continue to fight for our hard working waste members. The fight, of course, is a collective effort – and members at Cleanaway deserve all the praise for their efforts so far. 

“The TWU is proud to stand with the workers of Cleanaway, and I would like to personally congratulate them on fighting for their pay and conditions. Our fight is strong, and your collective voice is loud. Cleanaway has a history of bullying and harassing workers, and as we have done many times in the past, we will continue to fight against them,” said TWU NSW/QLD State Secretary Richard Olsen. 


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