May 11, 2022


In 2021 TWU members across our major transport companies conducted a massive campaign for job security and increased conditions. Through the hard work of members across eight major companies, we achieved industry-leading job security provisions – all throughout a major pandemic and ongoing upheaval in the transport sector.

The next step is enforcing what we got in this EA. There’s still a few things we need to tidy up. Moving forward, we need to build up the strength in the yards. 

Darren Coulstock – ACFS

Members and delegates right across the Major yards built TWU power and now it’s time to enforce the agreements we have won. Delegates and members are the cop on the beat, bringing member driven union power. 

After this huge win, including strengthened clauses on full utilisation, outside hire, redundancies, fleet operators and ratios for permanent workers, the hard work really starts. We are now implementing our plan to ensure we are using these provisions to maximise full-time safe and secure work for transport workers and hold these transport companies to account.

Crucial role: 

TWU delegates play a crucial role in enforcement backed up by TWU members. The hard work of delegates, leading the membership through a robust fight, has put transport workers in a stronger position for the next two years and beyond. Ensure you play your part, keep in touch with your Delegates and TWU Officials. 

Last month the TWU brought together delegates and members to enforce the agreement by taking the following steps:


The TWU will be forensically auditing the majors to ensure they are complying with their commitments on outside-hire ratios. We will audit State by State to ensure the companies are moving to prioritise full-time permanent jobs and use this information when bargaining recommences to increase the ratios even higher.

Full Utilisation: 

TWU members fought for full-utilisation clauses across our majors agreements. This means that permanent full-time workers should be given all available hours, including overtime. Additionally, this work cannot be given to outside hire or casuals if it reduces the hours of permanent workers.

Labour Hire, Casual Conversion and Site Rates:

Casual employees have existing rights to elect to be made permanent employees after six months of working regular and systematic hours. However, winning the 2021 industry fight has also secured a pathway to employment for labour hire workers after 12 months. Labour hire workers must also be paid the same rates as other workers on site and participate in TWU inductions. This enhances job security and reduces the incentive for employers to use outside hire to undermine wages and hours of full time workers. 

Fleet Operators Transparency:

Our union secured strengthened rights to audit fleet operators to ensure the worst fleet operators are kept out of our yards. This includes minimum rates for fleet driver workers, compliance obligations on the employer and the power to investigate fleet operators that the TWU must be consulted on. We also secured induction rights for fleet operator workers to help strengthen our union and the struggle. 

Union Strength:

The TWU also secured strengthened union power provisions across our majors. This includes monthly union site meetings, site consultative committees, delegates campaigning leave, union inductions and proper consultation clauses. This was all achieved thanks to the tireless work of our members and the respective national bargaining committees.

The members are going strong. And I’ve been there for 11 years and I’ve never seen them this strong.  We do expect the company to offer nothing in the next rounds as well and that’s where the fight comes in. And we try and increase our density yet again. We’ll be ready for the fight. 

Martin Risk – Ceva


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