May 11, 2022

Fight for 40 Win

A TWU win in the NSW Industrial Relations Commission (IRC) has seen changes to the minimum pay rate for owner drivers in the Courier Industry, now courier owner drivers have received significant improvements to enforceable rates of pay. 

TWU State Secretary Richard Olsen told TWU News the decision was a long-time coming, and would see significant pay rises for couriers who had gone 15 years without. 

“The minimum pay rate for a courier using their own van was set at $28 almost 15 years ago. Since then, their operating costs have skyrocketed but their pay hasn’t changed, leaving some drivers earning below minimum wage after costs. This decision is a massive victory for the thousands of couriers who have been part of the TWU’s Fight for 40 campaign over many years”.

The NSW IRC determination will see owner-drivers of vans with a carrying capacity between 1.5 and 3 tonnes entitled to an enforceable rate of $43.74 an hour, phased in over three years.

First in the world

The new determination also captures Amazon Flex drivers who, for the first time, will be entitled to an enforceable rate of $37.80 to be phased in over the next three years.  

NSW Amazon Flex drivers will be the first in the world to enjoy enforceable rates of pay, along with rights to dispute resolution, union representation and collective bargaining.

For too long, the likes of Amazon have been able to exploit independent contractor loopholes to sidestep rights and rip workers of fair rates of pay. This win confirms all workers should and can have access to enforceable rights and protections, regardless of their employment status.

While this outcome is incredible for drivers in New South Wales, only the implementation of Federal regulation will end a national crisis and allow a fairer courier industry for all. 


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