September 20, 2021

ACTAS CAUCUS taskforce

The TWU ACT Ambulance Caucus has established a taskforce with the ACT Government to implement and monitor the 2021-2025 Accord. 

ACTAS TWU Delegates working with the Minister for Police and Emergency Services will oversee the implementation of major infrastructure and support services across the service over the next five years. 

The Taskforce will be responsible for enhancing support and professional development to the ACTAS workforce with major commitments from the Government including secured resources for the Peer Support Program. The plan was presented to the ACT Chief Minister with delegates securing critical commitments to implement: 

  • Fit for purpose front line management and clinical support structure: immediate 2nd Duty Officer for people leadership and support.
  • Immediate and short-term capital expenditure & infrastructure strategy 
  • The addressing of current station issues and accommodation for future growth 
  • Four-wheel drive redundancy for bushfire support and remote area ops.
  • Tangible commitment to staff mental health and well-being: immediate and sustained recurrent funding of the Peer Support Program. 
  • Introduction of Presumptive Legislation for psychological injuries.
  • Immediate and ongoing ICP Training funding, to underpin and ensure ongoing critical care capabilities.
  • Commitment to fund the full Modernised and Sustainable Service Delivery Plan, 2021-2025, with the addition of an underpinning scalable funding model to address demand-based growth.


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