January 15, 2024

SYDNEY & CENTRAL WEST SUB-BRANCH: Member power delivers

2023 has been a year of success! The Sydney Central West Sub-branch has been in the thick of the action, and our wins can only be credited to the power of the membership. Congratulations to our dedicated members for fighting the good fight this year!


We are excited to be making strong progress in the realm of construction. We are currently undertaking Contract Determination rate increases for Excavated Materials and Quarried Materials, along with the modernisation of the Concrete Haulage Contract Determination. This use of Chapter 6 of the Industrial Relations Act is imperative to protect the cost recovery of owner drivers.

In other news, Holcim members took action over a dispute about the painting of trucks. The Company was allowing vehicles to get into a state of disrepair that meant vehicles were not passing the registration safety inspection. Members at sites across NSW took up the fight and achieved a great outcome. Well done!


We are proud to share some significant progress with our retail targets, and members in the central west. A long-standing dispute between Contract Carriers and Hi-Trans has finally reached its climax, with a fantastic result. Hi-Trans has now been forced to pay the proper General Carriers rates. A fantastic win from our hardworking members!

In other areas, the TWU has secured deals at SCT, K&S, Pearsons and Qube. We continue to embark on negotiations at the likes of Border Express and Lindsay Australia. 

Our members at Camerons won a dispute for a 6% increase on CPI, as opposed to the original 2.5% the company tried to pay. Outstanding!


Of course, as always, we never rest when it comes to the buses – after all, the industry is in crisis. The TWU is conducting the largest survey of private bus drivers to determine the greatest need for improvement in driver facilities, amenities and running times as part of the Road to Respect campaign. 

We had a great win following our fight to get an Opal card for all drivers on the Opal network. Our members stood strong, and signed our petition to get an industry-wide Opal. 

In a massive win Minister for Transport, Jo Haylen announced at our Delegates Conference  that we had won the Opal Card.

Let’s stop this!

Regarding facilities – we are beginning to see movement on important upgrades, such as at Charles Street, Parramatta. We are looking forward to permanent solutions being worked on for Parramatta, and for the Liverpool Interchange.

We foresee that 2024 will be a great year for progress! 


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