January 15, 2024

SOUTH COAST & SOUTHERN SUB-BRANCH: Plenty of action in 2023

The South Coast and Southern Sub-branch has been busy negotiating Enterprise Agreements and while the battle with Cleanaway Unanderra continues the branch has some wins and good news stories for the year 2023.

Strong and united

The battle has continued at Cleanaway Unanderra. Similar to what is going on in Sydney, the staunch TWU members at Wollongong have dug their heels in and refused to accept the attack on their ordinary hours and their Monday to Friday roster. 

The matter now faces the FWC in what is likely to be one of the first of its kind facing an Intractable Bargaining dispute. The TWU could not be more proud of the efforts and strength of the negotiation team in Bill Stephen and Steve Ten-Hoonte.


In the Bus industry, TWU members at Dions alongside the Premier Illawarra members have been solid and stayed together in the fight to find a new home in regards to a bus terminus where they can have their lunch and break in a safe, tidy, secure space. With the conversation ongoing, Wollongong City Council and Transport for NSW are attempting to move the current location away from Lang Park in Wollongong. The TWU and our members are doing all we can to ensure the Bus Terminus ends up in an appropriate location that won’t put unwanted strain on drivers, alongside the facilities being adequate for the needs of our members.


Much work has been put in to build and create an EA at NJ Ashton. We are still in early stages, however, things are on track to build a good foundation and base for this growing Tip Truck company and its employees.


In 2023, Ventia lost a Defense refueling contract to UGL. This had some early problems as communication from both the incumbent and new winners of the contract was hard to come by. After a long battle, TWU members received redundancy with Ventia and almost all of the former employees that applied at UGL were given roles and positions. A great outcome after a long fight.


Throughout 2023 we have negotiated Enterprise Agreements which have been endorsed by the membership. 

Below are some of the highlights;

McColls Dairy

Increase of 7.5% year 1, the return to traditional overtime rates and the inclusion of a night shift penalty.

Remondis Unanderra

Increases of 3.5% per year throughout the duration of the agreement alongside an increase to their KPI and a reduction to some of the DARGS.

Veolia Nowra

This agreement has been agreed to in principal. Documents are going out to members to vote as we head to print.Highlights incude a 5% increase in year 1 with some CPI components in year 2 and 3.

Boral Cement

Members have stayed strong and unified throughout negotiations and, following a long process, are extremely close to an in principal agreement.


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