January 15, 2024

Newcastle & Northern NSW Sub-branch: 2023 success stories!

Congratulations to all delegates, activists, HSR’s & members of the Newcastle & Northern NSW Sub-branch. YOU, along with our hard-working Officials, have made 2023 a very successful year, with your unrelenting contribution to not only your local yards, but also major state and national campaigns. 2023 was filled with many success stories.

Canberra Convoy

None more important than the Transport Reform campaign (Safe Rates) after the RSRT was knocked out by the then Liberal Government, hundreds of Australian lives have since been lost as a direct result of a heavy vehicle crashes. Many unions would have thought it a lost cause, but with the guidance of our NSW State & National leadership, and with all of your on the ground effort, YOU continued the fight for justice to our industry reform to be high on the agenda. Because of YOU, we are almost there! Congratulations!

Members leading the fight

A huge congratulations to lead Toll delegates Phil Latimer & Luke Jones. Phil has been a prominent member of the Newcastle Sub-branch executives, and senior delegate at Toll Tomago. Luke Jones (also Toll Tomago) is in a lead delegate role, as well as on the national committee, at the Toll national bargaining table. These men, along with Tim McTegg, have led some long and difficult campaigns.Thank you, and congratulations for your outstanding work.

Workers Memorial Day

The 2023 worker memorial held at the memorial in Newcastle each year is always a sad, but important day. Sad, because no worker should ever die at work. Important because we should never forget that they had. Workers still die on the job, particularly in the transport industry. This is just another reason why campaigning for the introduction of reform in our industry can never stop until the much needed legislation is introduced. I am honoured and humbled to have been able to speak to the crowd about those who have needlessly perished at the memorial, not to mention the thousands that are seriously injured. 

Our hearts, thoughts and prayers go out to the families left to deal with the loss of their loved ones. I extend my thanks to those who were able to turn out to the memorial day to commemorate.

I congratulate our Newcastle Sub-branch Officials & staff; Daryll Elliott, Rebecca Hopkins, Todd Marselos & Nichole Schuberth. As well as our dedicated delegates, HSR’s and all of our members throughout Northern NSW, for all of your dedication to a fantastic 2023, and look forward to continue in 2024.

I know our NSW State leadership team, Richard Olsen, Mick Pieri & Marija Marsic join me in wishing all of you & your families a very Happy New Year. 


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