December 20, 2022

Sydney & Central West: Building Strength

We have come to the end of a very strong year for all TWU members across all yards. Congratulations on the strength you have built where you work, that strength carries us into 2023!

No matter the fight, we will always be back to make sure you are represented. Our start to the campaigns next year has a great foundation with TWU Delegates finally able to meet together again at the TWU Delegates Conference this year. In 2023 we are back with the majors, there are fights at the airport and always fights in the buses. Bring it on! 

I wish you and your families all the very best for the Christmas and New Year season.


Things are turning around again for the members that service the Airport. The industry is rebuilding following the damage done by Alan Joyce and his Qantas Board. Thanks to you, membership strength is continuing to grow, we have made a comeback from an airport environment where everybody was stood down and there was no work. For a while, the future of Sydney Airport looked bleak. 

The hard work from TWU Official Teilo and our great aviation delegates, both old and new, have ensured that we remain the Union with the strength at Sydney Airport, on the ground and in the air. 

In the New Year, there will also be an increase of the number of TWU officials in Aviation to provide stronger support to members in cabin crew and on the ground.

2022 has seen great results with agreements at Menzies, dnata ground and catering that testify to the work of members and officials. I also want to welcome the passenger service workers who have also joined the TWU this year. We are stronger for you joining. 

I am looking forward to our future negotiations with Regional Express, REX and the incredibly important negotiations at Swissport. Following the damage done by Qantas, Swissport workers desperately need better pay and conditions. As our membership strength grows, we will deliver for Swissport workers as we have done right across the airport. 

Aviation works best with strong membership, committed to the fight for a safer and fairer workplace. 


As 2022 draws to a close, we can be proud that TWU members are closer than ever to having one industry standard agreement covering the bus industry in NSW. We have fought for the important things, dispute resolution, consultations with the Union and members, delegate rights and power, your rights at work and stronger safety standards. Many yards are now receiving extra superannuation and on the pathway to the 15% that everyone should be on. Region 6 is still in their fight but we are maintaining a strong stance in our negotiations. 

We will be back next year continuing to fight for safety in the bus industry. The economic employer, the NSW Government, refuse to fix the problem. We will start with toilets, a basic human right. Men and women on the buses should have no need to carry bottles or buckets with them while they work because they cannot access a toilet. 

We need these issues fixed, we will take their fight to the NSW Government, no matter which government is in place following the next NSW State Election. 

Mick Pieri • Sub-branch Secretary


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