December 20, 2022

Newcastle & Northern: Keep on delivering

Congratulations, over the past 12 months TWU members have delivered despite facing a range of difficulties. Our Newcastle Sub-branch Executive, delegates and members are able to stand proud having taken part in TWU state and national campaigns.

Without you and your contribution as a member, we would not be the successful Union we are throughout the union movement. As the proud Sub-branch Secretary, I congratulate you all.


Richard Olsen, State Secretary and Mick Forbes, Newcastle and Northern Sub-branch Secretary farewell Doug Fox and Wilko

Doug Fox has held the positions of TWU FedEx delegate at Carrington yard, the Chair of the TWU Newcastle Executive, and is a BCOM member for the NSW Branch. He has recently retired. On behalf of myself and the greater TWU membership, congratulations on your leadership and on your retirement. 


Wilko and his yard

Mark “Wilko” Wilkinson has been a long-standing TWU delegate at Toll Carrington, as well as a Newcastle Sub-branch Executive member. Wilko has shown great leadership throughout an era of great change with Toll and the industry generally. He has been a great fighter for member rights and has never let TWU members down. On behalf of myself, and the Newcastle and Northern Sub-branch, congratulations on your leadership and your retirement Wilko.


Our State Secretary, Richard Olsen has led us through some of the toughest campaigns, in some of the harshest industrial environments we have seen in a long time and he continues to lead the way to victory.

Our senior leadership team, Richard Olsen, Mick Pieri, Marija Marsic, Rob Pirc in Wollongong and Klaus Pinkas in the ACT work tirelessly to ensure we have the best possible opportunity to win in workplaces. 

On behalf of myself, and all of us here in the Newcastle and Northern Sub-branch, we congratulate and thank you for your dedication and leadership throughout 2022.


I recognise our Newcastle and Northern Sub-branch officials and staff, Ray Fitzpatrick, Daryll Elliott, and Rebecca Hopkins (Member Support Officer), it’s a tough and rewarding job they do. 

There are many demands put on them every day of the week and they deliver for our members.

Their effort and their support they put in for myself and the leadership is always there, and second to none. 

A huge thank you!


At some stage throughout your time in the transport industry, YOU the members decided to join the TWU and be a part of a great organisation that fights for workers’ rights. You have led the way. I can say with confidence that there has never been more of a need for transport workers to join than now. The TWU is one of the most powerful Unions in the country. That is due to the commitment and dedication of our leadership and membership who empower us to continue to win.

No matter the campaign, we are “one powerful voice” for all our members. 

On behalf of myself and our Newcastle staff and officials, we all wish you and your families a very merry and safe Christmas, and New Year.

Stand proud as a TWU Newcastle and Northern Sub-branch member!

Mick Forbes • Sub-branch Secretary


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