September 20, 2023

South Coast & Southern Sub-branch: Wasting no time

It was great to see our members from the South Coast & Southern Branch come along to the Rally for Reform, where we continued our fight for transport reform.

Our members are strong, and are continuing to join the fight to lift industry standards.

Thanks to each and every one of you who came along.

Delegates Conference

To each of our delegates who came along to this year‘s conference, thank you. You are key to ensuring that you and your work mates are looked after at work, and I acknowledge the hard work each of you put in every day.

Continuing the fight at Cleanaway

Our members at Cleanaway are continuing to fight against attacks on their pay and conditions. They have been forced into taking Protected Industrial Action multiple times in an effort to prevent these attacks, and negotiations are still ongoing.

This is an attack that they have been making across the country, and our members will continue to stand strong. To all of our members at Cleanaway Unanderra, I want to congratulate you for your strength and unity in this fight.

Office opening

It was great to be able to open the new office alongside our Branch Committee of Management and members earlier this year. This space will mean that our organising efforts are as effective as possible.

We also had the honour of awarding Gary Jorgenson life membership, following over forty years of involvement.

His ongoing commitment to our union has been instrumental in the outcomes we have seen over many years.

Each and every single one of our members are so strong, and play a part in every single one of our fights.

Thank you for all of your hard work so far this year, and I look forward to continuing the fight into the next year.


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