September 20, 2023

ACT Sub-branch: Fighting for the future

I would like to congratulate all our members on standing strong and fighting back.

Your demonstrations of power through solidarity have sent a strong message across the ACT, and have only been further enhanced by support from your comrades across the country.

ACT Ambulance services caucus

Our members in the ACT Ambulance Sevices Caucus are working to ensure that their conditions are being upheld. Our caucus is strong, and recently held their AGM.

A few months ago, we were on the fight to separate from the Emergency Services Authority. Later, we saw the removal of the ESA Commissioner following her bullying of members, and the attacks that were being made on conditions.

ACT buses – back in the game

500 Transport Canberra drivers met at Exhibition Park earlier this year to hold a vote on an upcoming agreement.

We saw Transport Minister Chris Steel come along to hear our concerns about workplace violence, and shared our stories.

Members were able to vote on an agreement, following a year of negotiations.

Congratulations to all members who attended, your strength in this fight is what has given us such a great result.


Join the fight. Join your union.

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