April 10, 2024

ACT Ambulance Members say yes

ACT Ambulance Service Enterprise Agreement Update

Negotiations for the ACT Ambulance Service Enterprise Agreement have concluded with an overwhelming 97 percent “Yes” vote. This brings in significant improvements, including a new 44-hour roster, pay raises, and aligning rates for Comms and NEPT workgroups with Frontline ACTAS Paramedics. The new roster starts in April and ensures current entitlements. Ongoing processes address smooth transitions for staff on different rosters and work agreements, focusing on achieving desired outcomes.

Future Negotiations and Concerns:

However, as negotiations have stalled, members have warned that temperatures will remain high, and protected action remains on the table. The parties are set to meet in late December and will have an outcome for members to progress at a General Meeting.

Our next negotiations will tackle ongoing concerns like professional development, station and vehicle upgrades (including electric vehicles), staff classifications, and operational issues such as meal breaks and fatigue management. These negotiations prioritize the welfare of frontline emergency staff and operational efficiency.

Election Year Developments:

Preparations are underway for the ACT election later this year, with campaigns focusing on funding and infrastructure upgrades for the Communications Centre, new stations, and vehicle enhancements. Attention is also given to staff career development to ensure future readiness, with ongoing advocacy to keep ambulance personnel concerns in focus.

Presumptive Legislation:

The ACT sub-branch has partnered with the Federal Government to announce Presumptive Legislation for first responders. This follows lobbying efforts in the ACT for amendments to include presumptive measures for paramedics with PTSD. Consideration is given to potential legislation to address any existing loopholes in this area.


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