April 18, 2023

SYDNEY & CENTRAL WEST Sub-branch: The fight is on

“The fight is on this year. We have already achieved great things in 2023, and will continue to do so. Members have been fighting hard, and there are many developments across the board. We secured a fantastic win at HiTrans, and are standing strong in all areas. 

We have a particular interest in restoring power back at the airport following the relentless environment that was unleashed by the COVID pandemic. I am pleased to say that we are achieving great wins across aviation at the likes of Dnata and Menzies. Congratulations on all that you have achieved so far, and I know for a fact that our wins will only continue to grow as the year goes on.”

“These are big steps. Once again, I congratulate all those who have fought to achieve these great wins. I look forward to what we can achieve together moving forward!”

 HiTrans WIN!

Drivers at HiTrans joined the TWU and united together to fight for a contract agreement – the goal to pull themselves in line with industry standards. After standing together through a tough 18 month fight, the drivers have won a new agreement that saw their payments increase by over 10%. Not only this, but allowances will be paid in accordance with the Contract Determination. Congratulations on your efforts!


Zip Airport Services

The cost of living is out of control, and ZIP Airport Services have the audacity to present a wage offer of 0% in the first year, and 1% in the second year, in what would be a rollover of their current agreement. This is absolutely disgraceful. However, we have stood our ground. I am proud to say that the membership at ZIP have decided to push for a protected action with a PAB. 

Congratulations on taking a stand. You deserve much better than this, and your voice will be heard. 


We are midway through the Rex Ground Services first EA negotiations. The TWU have managed to secure an in-principal agreement with improved dispute resolution and consultation clauses.

These are big steps. Once again, I congratulate all those who have fought to achieve these great wins. I look forward to what we can achieve together moving forward!


Though the airport has been devastated by the COVID pandemic, I am pleased to say that we are taking big steps towards a brighter future in aviation. We have secured a 17.2% pay rise across 4 years at Dnata Ground, among other things. This is a fantastic win that can be credited to the power of our dedicated members!


Our ports are as busy as always. Let’s take a look at some of the action…


The updated contractors’ agreement has now been lodged with TWU Legal to be submitted to the NSW Industrial Relations Commission for approval. The agreement is to maintain the industry leading conditions for owner drivers at Owens. This was achieved through the hard work of the delegates and the driver committee. Fantastic work!

EA Negotiations

ACFS, Johnston’s Transport, MCS and Qube all have their EA Negotiations to come. We are in the process of meetings and arranging their agreements. There is much more to come, so watch this space.


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