April 18, 2023


2023 is set to be a big one. There will be a lot of action on Enterprise Agreements this year – Cement Australia, McColls Dairy, Veolia Nowra Commercial and Residential, and Remondis, among others, all have their EAs to address, with Cleanaway Unanderra still in battle with management right now. 

We are still in talks with Wollongong City Council, Transport for NSW and major stake holders regarding a permanent home for the Marine Drive Bus Terminus. This year also brings our reform campaign – down here at the south, we are standing strong for the future of transport. I look forward to seeing what we can all achieve together this year. 

South Cost & Southern Executive Meeting

We are pleased to announce that our very first South Coast & Southern Executive Meeting in our new building took place on the 29th of March. The future is very important to us, and we are dedicated to building a clear roadmap for the challenges that lie ahead – particularly, in support of the Federal Government’s promise to implement industry-wide reform for Transport. We are excited to be able to do so on our new premises, and are just as excited to announce the grand opening for the new building! The 5th of May is the day! We are proud to fight for the hard working and dedicated transport workers of the south, and will continue to do so with passion. 

 Marine Drive Bus Terminus Update

The fight is still on. For many years, Wollongong Council has wanted the Bus Terminus moved from Marine Drive. Council grabbed the opportunity that the UCI World Cycling Championship presented them to move the location. Of course, when the Council did this, they claimed the move to be temporary. This was a lie. 

The move from Marine Drive raised many concerns, from facilities, lighting, safety for workers walking long distances for breaks in often-dangerous circumstances, and more. Two safety issues occurred in the short time that the Bus Terminus was relocated.

Thanks to pressure from the TWU, the Council very reluctantly agreed on a return to Marine Drive. However, they placed a condition that the return would only be for 12 months. As such, the TWU’s concern is what lies ahead beyond those 12 months. Our members at Premier Illawarra and Dion’s Bus Services continue their fight to find a permanent home for their Bus Terminus. Talks between Wollongong City Council, Transport for NSW, major stakeholders and the TWU continue. 

 Cleanaway Unanderra

Cleanaway has been launching attacks on the pay and conditions of workers all across the board. Unfortunately, Cleanaway Unanderra is not immune to this. It has been a difficult process with management so far, and we are still negotiating with them. We are fighting to uphold union based clauses that ensure adequate representation of members, along with fair pay increases that are nothing short of necessary in the current cost of living crisis. 

 FedEx Wollongong fight continues 

Since 2017, there has been a long-standing battle with a FedEx supervisor regarding his treatment of members. Specifically, this supervisor is nothing short of a bully. Earlier this year, we went to conciliation, and two days later, the supervisor launched yet another attack on a member.

The TWU will not stand for this, and FedEx has failed to act despite there being numerous examples and cases of bullying from this specific supervisor. As such, we are going to arbitration. There will be a full-blown court hearing for a bullying case against this supervisor and FedEx on 16 June. Watch this space. 

 Linfox South 32

Linfox has been operating under a Greenfield agreement for 4 years. The current rate is 17.76% below that paid to Linfox workers on the Coles contract. 

We are fighting to bridge the gap and get them off the Greenfield agreement and onto the Linfox National agreement. 

We have met with Linfox, and they have agreed to place South 32 workers on the National agreement, though the percentage to bridge the gap is yet to be confirmed. 


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