April 18, 2023


As TWU Newcastle & Northern sub-Branch secretary, I am proud to be associated with a great bunch of men and women. Newcastle & Northern sub-branch Veterans President Les Fetch said, “I welcome our new members, Doug Fox and Mark Wilkinson, who recently joined our growing number of Newcastle veterans. It’s great to see that after a lifetime of representing TWU members, our retired members still turn out and support those still working”.

Our Newcastle veterans have held their first quarterly meeting for 2023, and have pledged their ongoing support for the Industry reform campaign. A huge thanks goes out to all of our vets for your ongoing support.

Toll Tomago

Toll Tomago (Day shift) delegate, Luke Jones has done a fantastic job against challenging times. Luke has shown great leadership, and both he and our members understand the importance and urgent need for Transport Industry reform. 

Luke Jones said:

“We need National Transport Reform now more than ever. No one should have to go to work and hope they make it through the day without either killing someone else, or themselves being killed or seriously injured. 

Transport workers are a highly qualified and professional group of workers. We are heavily regulated, and for good reason. Yet, the growing number of large overseas corporations who are reaping billions of dollars in profit, are taking little to no responsibility for the carnage left behind when a truck crashes. This has to stop. They have to be held to account. This government must introduce Transport Industry Reform or the industry will continue to decline, and the death count will continue to rise!”

Team Global Express Cardiff

Congratulations to the TWU leadership team at TGE Cardiff, who have shown that sharing responsibility builds strong high-density yards. This is necessary to deal with workplace matters.

Lead delegate, Michael Day says:-

“It wasn’t that long ago, we had low membership density, and no delegates here on site. With some help and guidance from TWU reps, Bec Hopkins and Ray Fitzpatrick, we elected delegates and HSRs, and we now have 100% Union members on site. No one wants to come to work and have disputes with the boss, but when disputes, bargaining, or safety matters arise, it is good to know that everyone in the yard is behind us and we have the support from the TWU office. We all support Transport Industry Reform. We need legislation that holds everyone in the supply chain to account, not just the operators and the drivers they employ. Reform is long overdue.”

As Newcastle sub-branch secretary, I congratulate Michael, “Swan’y”, Sean Lilly and Craig Hayes. Well done to Bec Hopkins and Ray Fitzpatrick for building strength & confidence in the yard.

As Newcastle sub-branch Secretary, I always consider myself both fortunate and honored to be an elected representative of this great organisation of ours, and to work with the women and men that “are” our organisation. I look forward to working alongside Ray, Daryll and Bec, and of course, all of you, our delegates and members. Together, along with the yard delegates, right through to the NSW State Secretary, Richard Olsen, we will continue to fight and win for our members throughout 2023. 


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